Counterfeit Products

can you spot
the fake?

Counterfeit websites often use the words
New Balance in the URL and have content
and a layout similar to If a
price seems too good to be true and the
product isn't found on one of our official
sites, it's probably a fake.

Accept Only Official New Balance Gear

Part of our commitment to helping you get the best performing gear is ensuring the footwear and apparel you purchase is actually made by New Balance.

New Balance does not offer its products for sale through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, or house parties. Only New Balance gear purchased from, and our authorized athletic footwear retailers is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Just because a site has the words "new balance" in the URL doesn't mean it's licensed to sell New Balance products or that the products are authentic. To find a New Balance store near you, use our Find a Store tool. To locate international retailers, click on the flag graphic at the top left of the page to select your country.

Report a Counterfeit

Report counterfeit New Balance products to Customer Care
or call 800 596342. We appreciate your help.

We stand behind the quality of official New Balance products and appreciate your help in protecting our trusted American brand. Please report counterfeit gear, websites or merchants by emailing Customer Care.

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